We maintain a wide variety of filling equipment which gives us the flexibility to
fill any shape or size of containers 
ranging from 7.5ml (1/4 oz) to over one-gallon bottles. 
kapra filling lines in a production facility
We are capable of filling over 150,000 units of product (per 2 shifts)
depending on the product and packaging.

A number of finished product storage tanks help us to manufacture and
store various batches of product for uninterrupted filling.


 Production Equipment

  • 3 fully automated liquid filling lines

  • 1 semi-automatic high-speed liquid filling line

  • 2 fully automated tube filling machines with design-a-seal capability

  • 1 fully automated packet filling machine with dual capability (min 2.5")

  • 1 hot filling line (for pomades, deodorants, candles, glycerin soaps, etc.)