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To ensure consistent quality, all product development, pilot production, trouble shooting and quality control is done under the close supervisionof Rakesh Atreya.  

Kapra Cosmetics has an efficiently equipped product development and quality control lab to create innovative products utilizing the most recent science and incorporating new and natural ingredients.

We analyze all in-process batches and finished products tomaintain tight quality control and product specifications prior to shipping.

All batches are tested by an outside Microbiological Testing Lab topositively identify the product integrity. We continue to add new test methods and equipment to our lab to support our growth and the customers’ needs.

Our compounding department consists of a well trained staff which has gone through extensive training and education regarding FDA GMP for cosmetic compounding to ensure proper manufacturing of various products at Kapra.

All new products are made under tight supervision to establish proper manufacturing procedures for the future batches.  Our mixing equipment is well suited for manufacturing products ranging from water thin products to heavy creams, pastes, putties and lotions

Our mixing/production area consists of over 22 steam jacketed kettles and mixing tanks of various shapes and sizes ranging from 15 gallons to 3,000 gallons. We also have in our inventory 12 steam jacketed tanks and several single walled tanks for cold mixing.—At present, we are capable of mixing over 15,000-20,000 gallons of a variety of products per day.  

Explosion proof compounding capabilities makes it safe to manufacture products containing high levels of alcohol such as hair sprays and styling gels.—In addition to liquid mixing capabilities, we also have a 30 cubic feet blender for mixing dust free dry products such as bath salts and potpourri.—A number of finished product storage tanks help us to manufacture and store various batches of product for uninterrupted filling.—

We also maintain a wide variety of filling equipment which gives us the flexibility to fill any shape or size of containers ranging from 7.5ml (1/4 oz) to over one gallon bottles.—Currently we have 3 fully automated  liquid filling lines, 1 semi-automatic high speed liquid filling line, 3 fully automated tube filling machines and a hot filling line which helps us fill products such as pomades, deodorants, glycerin soaps, etc.—At present, we are capable of filling over 70,000 units of product per shift depending on the product and packaging.

We have all the necessary equipment in place to fill dust free solids and dry products, such as bath salts and potpourri. 

We can effectively fill and place induction / foil seal on products such as oils and scrubs to prevent leakage of product. Induction seals can be applied onto any container with an opening of up to 110 mm.

Strong relationships with large supplier base to keep the continuous flow of raw materials in stock and readably available.—Kapra’s Management has extensive experience working with many large scale companies and therefore fully understand the operations and logistics which are needed to service mass retailers.—10,000 square feet of warehousing space to store safety stock which can be shipped immediately.—

Newly expanded factory with increased capacity which can be used to install additional filling lines, staging area, store raw materials and finished products.—

A wide range of machinery which can be tooled to a variety of products and bottle sizes.—

EDI Capable—

60 Day lead-time will be needed  on the first order and then a continuous flow of inventory  will be available.